Chris Noth’s realLIFEstory®

The actor’s life could have turned out much differently if his father didn’t have life insurance
March 5, 2010

A father is killed in a car accident, leaving a mother alone to raise three young sons. It may sound like the beginnings of a Hollywood script for a tearjerker, but this was, in fact, real life for actor and producer Chris Noth. Best known as Mr. Big on “Sex and the City” and Detective Mike Logan on “Law & Order,” Chris was just 9 years old when his life was turned upside-down by his father’s death.

In an instant, Chris’ mother Jeanne was thrust into the role of a single working mother. The family’s middle-class lifestyle had been supported by two salaries. Now they’d have to make ends meet on one.

Fortunately, Chris’ dad understood the value of life insurance more than most people. He was a life insurance agent, and his job was to help people plan for the unexpected. In the case of his family, he practiced what he preached and was adequately insured.

The insurance money was a source of great comfort and security for Chris’ mother. While she continued to work as a journalist, the life insurance proceeds allowed the family to maintain their standard of living and ensured that all three boys could go to college.

Chris didn’t follow his father’s footsteps into the life insurance industry, but he understands that nothing—not even fame and fortune—can protect you from life’s unexpected turns.

“Life insurance was there for my family when we needed it,” he says. “Especially at a time like this when so many are struggling, life insurance can be that safety net that catches a family when tragedy strikes.

“Life is unpredictable, so be smart and plan ahead.”

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