Business Insurance

Coverage designed to meet the specific protection needs and financial situation of your business.

Business Insurance Packages

In today’s marketplace it is more important than ever that businesses secure sound insurance protection.  Modern businesses face property, liability, and business interruption exposures that are complex and can lead to financial ruin if not properly identified and protected.  We offer some of the most comprehensive and versatile business owner’s policies on the market today for sole-proprietors, growing businesses, and larger corporations.  These commercial insurance “packages” provide all the necessary basic coverages as well as additional coverages that can be tailored to meet your specific business needs.  We offer business insurance protection for hundreds of business categories from retail stores to service operations making business insurance one of our specialties.

Artisan Contractor Insurance

Artisan contractor insurance provides essential coverage for the unique needs of trade or artisan contractors, such as carpenters, plumbers, electricians, HVAC contractors, and landscapers just to name a few. The artisan contractor insurance program is designed to package all of the standard protections such as property and liability, along with additional coverages which can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your operation. As an independent agent we have access to numerous insurance companies that specialize in Artisan Contractor Insurance. We understand a contractor’s needs and will walk you through the process of accurately applying contractor insurance coverage to your business.

Professional Office Insurance

Whether you run your business from a small home office or a large commercial complex your exposures are real. Professional offices need property and liability protection, business interruption coverage, errors and omission coverage, and more. Professional business exposures can be complex with a wide range of coverage needs.  We have the expertise to design coverage tailored to the unique needs of today’s professional type office and your business in particular. Regardless of the size and type of your professional office we have policies available which can affordably secure the coverage you need.

Retail Store Insurance

Retail stores carry unique risk exposures due to their high contact and interaction with the general public.  Shop owners need general liability protection as well as liability protection for the products they sell and the operations they perform. Additionally, they need coverage for equipment, supplies, and inventory as well as for a loss of income in the event their store must be closed due to a fire or other unexpected damage. We can provide excellent insurance protection for each of these risk exposures at a very reasonable cost so the retail shop owner can know they will not be put out of business by a sudden unexpected loss.

Commercial Auto Insurance

In today’s world business autos on the highways present a significant exposure. Whether your business has just a handful of cars or a fleet of trucks and autos, quality commercial auto insurance protection and responsive claims service are a must. Businesses have a number of commercial auto exposures to consider and a properly designed commercial auto policy can provide protection for owned autos, hired or borrowed autos, non-owned autos, temporary substitute autos, newly acquired autos, and trailers.  We have a variety of companies with sound Commercial Auto Insurance coverage available at affordable rates.  We specialize in designing commercial auto protection which can meet your specific coverage needs in order to keep your vehicles and your business rolling.

Garage/Auto Insurance

A Garage/Auto Insurance Policy provides coverage for the legal liability of automobile dealers, garages, repair shops, service stations, and any business involved in working with automobiles.  Whether driving on the highway or servicing customers’ vehicles, garage businesses have a wide range of risk factors which increase their loss potential and make their insurance applications unique.  Most general liability policies exclude auto related losses creating the need for a specifically designed Garage Policy that provides coverage for bodily injury and property damage arising out of garage related operations.  Such policies can also cover damage to customers’ autos, garage-owned autos, and injuries to people while at your facility.  We are able to design a garage policy which is comprehensive and affordable for most any type of garage auto related business in operation today.

Workers Compensation & Employers Liability

Workers Compensation laws have been enacted to protect both employers and employees with state statutes now requiring most employers to carry a Workers Compensation Policy. Workers Compensation insurance pays for all medical bills and a percentage of lost wages when your employee is injured on the job. In exchange, the employee relinquishes the right to sue the employer if they are injured. If an employer does not maintain Workers Compensation coverage and an employee is injured, by law the employer typically retains the financial burden for the costs of that injury without defense. Job related injuries can escalate quickly into large expenses and/or require years of medical attention and lost wages. Employers Liability protects employers from suits brought by a third party due to an employee’s injuries. We represent a number of Workers Compensation carriers and are able to lead you through the complexities of designing a policy to fit your business and your budget.

Business Umbrella

In today’s modern world, every business faces huge liability exposures. A typical business faces exposures created by employees on the highway, customers on their property, the products they sell, the operations they perform, the things they say or advertise, and more.  When it comes to public protection, courts typically hold businesses to a very high standard.  The value attached to the health, welfare, career potential, and property of those we associate and do business with daily can be staggering, making multi-million dollar awards more common than ever. Business owners are often surprised by just how inexpensive Commercial Umbrella Liability protection can be. One policy can provide from $1,000,000 to $25,000,000 or more of liability protection above the base liability limits found in your Commercial General Liability, Commercial Auto, and Employer’s Liability Policies. We offer a number of sources for Commercial Umbrella protection to assure your business remains profitable and secure.

Commercial Bonds

Commercial Bonds provide a guarantee that an obligation or job will be performed as agreed upon. Bonds are often required before a contract will be awarded and are created on an as needed basis.  If you routinely need to secure bonds it pays to establish a bonding line of credit with a carrier in order to meet specific bond requirements in a timely and convenient manner.  We have the expertise to secure the bonds you need, including Contractors Bid Bonds, Performance Bonds, License and Permit Bonds, Public Official Bonds, Court Bonds, Fiduciary Bonds, Probate Bonds, and more.  If you are being required to supply a bond we can walk you through the requirements and provide the bonding you need in a timely manner so that you can secure the work that you need.

Business Life Insurance

Businesses have several financial protection needs which can be met through life insurance. Many businesses are operated by a key individual or personnel whose position or expertise would make them very difficult to replace in the event of premature death.  Life insurance can provide the funds necessary at such a critical juncture to maintain operating expenses, search for someone to replace the lost experience, and even pay salary for a period of time until the business is able to function profitably once again. Every business is different and we can provide the information and experience you need to specifically and properly protect what the key human resources provide for your business.

Employee Group Life Insurance

We also provide employers with the opportunity, at no cost to them, of providing group life insurance protection as a benefit to their employees.  Group life insurance through work provides benefits for both the employer and the employee.  By administering the plan the employer has the opportunity to provide life insurance as part of the company’s overall benefit package without the direct expense of paying the premiums.  Employees can choose from varying levels of life insurance protection for them and their families at much lower rates through the group than what they can secure alone on the open market.  Additionally, as a company benefit the employee is able to pay the premiums through payroll deduction with before tax dollars.  Group life insurance through work is a win-win benefit which is easy and convenient to set up and administer.

Business Insurance Categories

Centerville Insurance offers business insurance protection for hundreds of business categories from retail stores to services, making commercial business insurance one of our specialties.

Types of Businesses We Insure

  • Office
  • Retail
  • Service
  • Wholesale
  • Habitation
  • Manufacturing
  • Contracting
  • Churches
  • Schools
  • Child Care
  • Auto Dealers
  • Medical Offices
  • Computer Sales/Consultants
  • Your Business
  • Restaurants
Business Insurance Coverages Offered

  • Property Coverage – Buildings & Contents
  • Employee Dishonesty
  • Tools and Equipment
  • Mechanical & Electrical Breakdown
  • Business Interruption / Income Protection
  • Business Auto
  • Garage Liability
  • Directors and Officers Liability
  • Employee Benefit Liability
  • Employee Practices Liability
  • Workers Compensation
  • Professional Liability
  • Commercial Umbrella
  • Bonds
  • Builders Risk
  • Business Life Insurance
  • Employee Group Life Insurance