Life and Annuities

Affordable Life Insurance coverage and Retirement Annuities for your family or business tailored to your specific needs and financial situation.

Permanent Life Insurance

Permanent life insurance combines death benefit protection and long-term investment savings. The death benefit, which never runs out, is paid directly to your beneficiary avoiding probate and is typically nontaxable. The savings or cash value grows on a tax deferred basis and is always available to you as long as you live.  Permanent life insurance appeals to those who are looking for financial protection now as well as long-term security. It only expires when the policy pays out its death benefit or you decide the policy is no longer needed and you assume the cash savings.  Both whole life and universal life insurance are considered permanent life insurance.  Whole Life Insurance emphasizes the security of a fixed investment outcome, while Universal Life Insurance is more flexible and potentially provides a greater return.  We offer both types along with the knowledge and expertise to help you decide the best fit for you.

Level Term Life Insurance

Level Term is life insurance which provides financial protection for your beneficiary for a specified period of time. The premiums and the death benefit remain the same year after year, and typically provide protection in increments of five, ten, twenty, or thirty years. Term insurance is best suited for covering specific needs within a defined period of time such as loans, mortgages, and college funding. Level Term Insurance allows you to secure larger amounts of coverage at affordable premiums. We work with our clients by providing the expertise and knowledge they need to decide the amount, type, and duration of life insurance that best fits their particular needs and financial situation.

Mortgage Life

Everyone needs a home. In the event an income provider dies prematurely, Mortgage Life Insurance can provide the funds a spouse or family needs to pay off a home mortgage in full and remain living in their current residence debt free. This is solid protection and foundational security for your spouse or family and has become one of the primary reasons people secure life insurance protection today.  The premiums usually remain the same throughout the life of the policy which remains in effect as long as it is needed and payments are made on time. We work with clients to sort through the details and design protection to fit your specific mortgage situation and financial need.

Youth Investment Life

Many parents and grandparents choose to provide a financial benefit to their children through a Permanent Life Insurance Plan. In the early years both the cost and death benefit are low since the child is young and has few liabilities.  As they grow older cash value builds in their policy.  Additionally, they are guaranteed the right to purchase additional insurance without medical screening in latter ages as their needs change. Children for whom Youth Investment Life Insurance has been secured are most grateful later in life for this advantage of an early start.  We can easily show you how to accomplish this affordably and conveniently.


An annuity is a tax deferred savings account issued by an insurance company. With an annuity the interest accumulated on the principal is tax-deferred and you will only pay taxes upon withdrawal of funds. So as your savings grow, you pay no taxes resulting in greater long-term accumulation. When you’re ready to withdraw funds from your annuity, you may choose the lump sum or several other options which provide funds for either a specific time period or a guaranteed lifetime income. Once your pay out income begins, you will pay taxes only as funds are withdrawn while funds which remain in the account continue to earn interest. In addition to the unique payout options, an annuity is a safe investment which typically carries a higher interest rate than a bank CD while still protecting your principle.