Personal Insurance

Personal Lines Insurance coverages designed to meet you and your family’s specific financial situation and protection needs.

Auto Insurance

In today’s world auto insurance is often touted as a one-size-fits-all commodity focusing on price alone.  At Centerville Insurance, we’re proud to conveniently bring you some of the most competitive automotive insurance protection available anywhere. However, with the prevalence of personal injury law suits today, we’re not looking to just save 15% in 15 minutes; we’re looking to make sure we protect your financial assets for a lifetime.  Whether you have a perfect driving record or one with a few faults, we promise you personal auto insurance with solid coverage, multiple discounts, and very affordable rates.

Home Insurance

Homeowner’s insurance provides coverage in the event of damage to your property, as well as liability for injuries and property damage to others for which you are considered legally liable.  A standard homeowner’s insurance policy will insure the home itself, other structures on your property and the things you own.  Many people are not aware that there are a wide range of options available in today’s homeowner’s policies from the most basic coverage to the broadest and most comprehensive.  We offer the complete range of homeowner’s coverages and packages at some of the most affordable rates available today. Whether your home is new construction or aging with grace, we will work to find the insurance protection which fits your specific needs.

Condominium Insurance

Insuring a condominium is different than insuring a stand-alone dwelling.  Typically the condominium association will have a master policy to cover the entire building’s common areas.  A special form of homeowner’s insurance called a condominium policy is required to protect the individual condominium unit owner. The condominium policy provides coverage for your personal property (contents), the interior areas of the building that your condo agreement requires you to insure, and for injuries or damage to others for which you are considered legally liable.  We can provide you with a quality condominium policy designed to fit your specific needs at a very affordable rate.

Tenant / Renters Insurance

If I am renting why do I need insurance? Renters Insurance is designed to insure you in the event of loss or damage to your belongings and to protect you if you are responsible for bodily injury or property damage to others – including other tenants where you reside.  Some landlords require tenants to carry insurance as a condition of their lease.  Renters insurance is available for apartments or rented houses and is fairly inexpensive, especially when paired with an auto policy for a multi-policy discount.  A quality renter’s policy designed specifically for you won’t break your bank as you’re beginning to build your assets, but will protect your financial future from unexpected losses.

Flood Insurance

When your home is flooded, it can lead to financial ruin if you don’t have the proper flood insurance.  Flooding happens more than people think, even in areas considered “low risk”.  Remember a basic homeowner’s policy won’t cover your flood damage!  Coverage for flooding can only be obtained by purchasing flood insurance – a special policy backed by the federal government, with cooperation from local communities and private flood insurance companies. Whether required by your mortgage company or for your own peace of mind, we can help you make sense of the complexities involved in securing flood coverage, provide options, and protect your financial future from a catastrophic flood loss.

Watercraft / Boat Insurance

A boat insurance policy covers physical damage to your boat and trailer as well as on board equipment.  It also provides liability coverage for injuries or damage to other’s property you may cause while operating your boat and for which you could be held legally liable.  Typically, a boat policy will also include medical coverage for guests or family members who are injured while on board and protection for you if you suffer injury or damage from an uninsured boater.  We represent several companies that specialize in affordably insuring boats and the exposures they present.  Having sound insurance protection in place will protect your financial future and enable you to enjoy your boat worry free.

Umbrella Insurance

In today’s world we’ve seen the proliferation of high dollar liability law suits and attorneys eager to take them on.  We travel in close proximity to many high value vehicles, property, and people on our highways every day. Even the most careful and conscientious person can make a mistake or can be accused of one, and find themselves being held liable for multi-million dollar damages.  Your liability protection begins with your auto, homeowners, and/or boat policy. However, if the lawsuit judgment or settlement exceeds the coverage limits of these basic policies you will be personally responsible for satisfying the remaining uncovered damages.  For pennies on the dollar one policy, an umbrella policy, can provide additional millions of liability protection over and above the basic liability limits of your other personal lines policies.  If you already have significant assets or are building for the future, additional liability protection is a prudent move that we can easily facilitate for you.

Landlord Properties Insurance

If you own residential investment properties rented to others, landlord properties insurance provides the property and liability coverage you need.  These policies are very reasonably priced and in addition to common property perils like fire and wind include additional coverages such as loss of rents, theft by tenants, and malicious damage or vandalism by tenants or others.  Rental properties provide an excellent stream of income for their owners and a sound landlord insurance program will protect that income stream and your financial future.  We provide a number of excellent landlord policies that can be tailored to your specific property and liability exposures.

Wedding/Special Event Insurance

In planning the best day of your life you have invested your heart, time, and money. You’ve thought of everything. However, there is one thing you cannot plan: The unpredictable. What if severe weather rolls in? The bridal boutique loses your dress? Your venue requires liability insurance? Or your photos are damaged? We’ve thought of that! Travelers wedding insurance can protect your special day and significant investment. Here at Centerville Insurance Agency we believe in the value of relationships and nothing would bring us more joy than helping you and your soon-to-be insure the biggest day of your lives! After all the stress has come and gone, come see us again for an auto and home insurance quote. We also offer coverage for all types of special events – contact us for details on how we can help insure your special event.

Other Personal Lines Policies and Coverage Offered

  • Antiques and Fine Arts Coverage
  • Wedding/Special Event Insurance
  • ATV Insurance
  • Auto Lease/Loan Security Coverage
  • Blanket Jewelry Coverage
  • Earthquake Coverage
  • Identity Theft Coverage
  • Motorcycle Insurance
  • Ordinance and Law Coverage
  • Personal Computer Coverage
  • RV Insurance
  • Scheduled Personal Property Coverage
  • Sewer and Drain Back-up Coverage